> Reception

1a - Yummy!
1b - Meg & Eric get to talk
1c - More talkin'
1d - One of the family tables
1e - Brian, Erin W., Matt & Kate, eating
1f - Erin W. & Matt await food
1g - Brian during dinner
1h - The table set-up
1i - The table set-up again
2a - Listening to Meg's sisters' toasts
2b - Erin toasts
2bb - Kate & Erin toast while Anne R. does her thing
2c - Kate toasts
2d - Colleen toasts
2e - Just after the toasts
2f - More champagne, please
2g - Toasty
3a - Our love birds!
3b - Lego topper!
3c - Cut that cake!
3d - Gentle now...
3d2 - Trying to be careful
3d3 - More cutting
3d4 - Getting it together
3e - Carefully bringing cake and plate together
3f - Negotiating the cake feeding moment
3g2 - Are we doing this with forks?
3h - Tasty!
3i - The cake kiss!
3i1 - More smooching
3i2 - The beautiful cake display (thank you Jeff & Heath!)
3i3 - The GORGEOUS carrot cake!
3j - Beth & Heath serve the cakes
3j2 - Heath cuts the amazing chocolate/hazelnut cake
3k - Looks like SOMEONE had to sample them all! :)
4 - Move that cart - we need to dance!
4a - Meg leans in
4b - First dance
4c - SO HAPPY.
4d - No clue what happened there.
4e - Eric makes Megan laugh
4f - First dance kiss
4g - More first dancin'
4h - Megan's not keeping it together well
4i - A lovely sepia shot of our first dance
4j - A weepy Meg leans on Eric
4k - Another nice sepia picture from Matt & Rebecca
5a - Kim laughs at the oh-so-classy Megan
5b - Jeff, "I can look debonair whilst battling these two plebians!"
5c - More sword action