> Pre-wedding: 21-23 September 2006

A chilly Erin & Matt
A glimpse into Eric's pre-wedding mood
A last minute check by Heath
A table, coming together
A very sweet Dad & Emma moment
Astroturf from hell
Aunt Katharine, Nick (in front of RSVP wall) & Jeff (in kitchen)
Aunt Katherine & Uncle Dave, up from Texas
Awesome portrait of Erin
Barb & Chris arrive to DJ
Beth & Saffy
Beth (& Meg's elbow) look on
Beth mid-party
Chris sets up the mixing board
Cozy Erins
Dad & the new BBQ
Dad bonds with little Emma
Dad wants to know what happened
Emma from above
Emma from above, part 2
Emma Grace
Eric & Kate are victorious!
Eric & Marissa - they go waaaay back
Eric & Mya after the big astroturf removal
Eric & Mya explain
Eric and his soon-to-be sisters-in-law
Eric bargin shops w/ Marissa
Eric hauls away astrotruf
Eric slices and dices
Eric's thinking about sleeping
Eric, mixin' meat.
Erin & Mya discuss the front yard insanity
Erin & Nick assemble
Erin is content
Erin opens her bridesmaid's gift
Front yard party (Erin, Marissa, Beth, Mya & Meg)
Heath & Beth work on room set-up at Wellers
Heath & Jeff - the dynamic reception duo!
Heath & Meg's Dad try to figure out the rotisserie
Heath working on the room
Hotdog cigar + a goosing from the bride-to-be = this picture
I'm marrying this guy? Help!
Jeff is not having this photo-taking thing
Jeff soaks his feet after the cake-baking marathon
Jeff toils away
Jeff's gift pleases him
Jeff's work has only begun
Juuuust before Megan sees the giant spider on the hose spigot
Kate corrupts Nathan ;)
Kate hems