> Ceremony: 23rd September 2006

1a - Is there another place to begin?
1b - A rainy afternoon at Wellers
1c - The view from Wellers' porch
1d - A gorgeous view down the aisle (thanks Rebecca!)
2a - Anne's done with the portraits
2b - Anne talks with Megan while Kim & Scott wait
2c - Erin, Brian & Kate during the photo shoot
2d - Kate & Eric
2e - Erin W. & Matt
3b - People arriving
3c - Eric talking with Ollie, Dennis & Paige
3d - Patti chats with Lisa M. (seated) and others arriving
3e - Mya & the Hughes await the start
3f - Anne at work behind the Hughes'
3g - Meg's Mom in her place of honor
3g2 - Emma Grace, our niece
3h - Woo hoo! That's one sexy groom!
3h1 - Yeah, I'm about to get married... what of it?
3i - Wow, are you sure the iPod's back there?
3j - It's a shrubbery!
3k - Colleen, the Best Woman, processes
3l - Kim, the Matron of Honor, processes
3m - Kate & Jeff process in silliness
4a - Eric & Rev. Suzanne
4a1 - Rev. Suzanne arrives
4a2 - Waiting
4a3 - The groom & his peeps
4a4 - The bride's posse awaits
4b - Bridal party & our officiant
4b2 - Awaiting the signal
4c - Here we come!
4c1 - Meg's Dad made her laugh all the way down the aisle
4c11 - Oh Dad...
4c2 - About there...
4c3 - Gettin' there
4c4 - The handoff
4c5 - More handoff
4c6 - Arranging the bride
4d1 - Rev. Suzanne's greeting
4d2 - More greetings...
4d22 - Instructions?
4d3 - Close-up of Megan during the greeting
4d4 - Smiley
4d5 - Uh oh - there she goes...
4d6 - A minor adjustment
4d6 - Listening intently
4d6 - More instructions
4d6 - More listening
4d6 - Something's funny :)
4d7 - Ann comes up for her reading