> Moustachios

2f - More champagne, please
6aaa - Moustachio application begins!
6bbb - Psst! Dad! Over here!
6cc - Avast scalawags!
6ccc - Muwhahahahahaaaa!
6h - Beth, incognito!
6i - Matt dons his disguise
6j - The sauve couple
6jj - What do you mean you recognize me?
6k - Matt strikes a pose
6ll - Muw-haaaaaa!!! I'm triple suave!
6mm - "Why I never!"
6nn - Er.. a little higher, Kate ;)
6o - Mucho moustachios!
6oo - "Did you order some fine cham-pan-gne?"
6p - Beth's disguise
6qq - Quite a sophisticated crowd
6rr - The matron of honor displays an intriguing mixture of flowers and facial hair
6tt - Lisa M., Colleen & Jeff
6uu - Signs of facial hair to come?
6vv - A debonair aunt & uncle
6ww - I'm not saying it looks natural, but...
6xx - Who let Bill Berry in?
6y - Oo la la! Madamoiselle Priddis!
6yy - Blondies
6zz - Psst! You're not a natural blonde, are you?
7b - Colleen & Patti - two classy dames
7e - The suave Hopkins' crowd (Zina & Ann)
A debonair Matt!
Al & Zina... wait... did Al always have mutton chops?!
Colleen & Patti - incognito!
Cute Mom - incognito!
Finally! Megan in a moustachio!
Matt & Brian - incognito!
Mom coincidentally got a grey moustachio
Mucho moustachios!
Nate's unibrow
What IS Meg's Dad doing?
Who IS that man?? Oh, it's Julian!