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Kate hems
Emma from above
Tony & impossibly cute Emma prepare to leave for the night
Kate & Eric
4c - Here we come!
4h - YAY!! We did it!
6o - Mucho moustachios!
4f - First dance kiss
5j - Megan must've said something funny
5h - Get DOWN Dad & Brian!
6zz - Psst! You're not a natural blonde, are you?
6qq - Quite a sophisticated crowd
6pp - The budding wedding photographer & her assistant
6nn - Er.. a little higher, Kate ;)
3g2 - Are we doing this with forks?
5u - Erin must've said something outrageous!
Eric's favourite photo
Eric does his patented LegoDanceā„¢
Erin gets funky
Nathan challenges the bride!
Jeff & Nathan
Classy bride ;)
Tony & Eric
Meg can't explain it
Kim says, "Hurry up people... it's not that hard!"
The fruit of my womb has finally succumbed to madness
First Dance
Double E = double the moves!
Matt & Brian - incognito!
Mom coincidentally got a grey moustachio
Meg & Erin
Our vampire table
Eric & Dennis!
Colleen & Erin can-can
Awesome Table No. 2!
The Foldenauer boys in fine form
Hobbit or giant?
1a - Is there another place to begin?
3h - Woo hoo! That's one sexy groom!
4b2 - Awaiting the signal
4h1 - The kiss! :)
4h3 - Meg is thrilled!
1d - A gorgeous view down the aisle (thanks Rebecca!)
5b - Meg, Jeff & Nathan battle it out
5e - Tonight, the part of the wood nymphs shall be played by Brian and Jeffrey.
5f - White boys on the dancefloor!
5f - Meg's favourite dancing picture